Did you hear about the 43 college students abducted and missing in the Middle East? Are you outraged?

Mexico's own corruptly elected officials prance around arrogantly spending the people's money on prostitutes and opulence as they order those who dare to look at them crossed-eyed put to death. It is these lords of death that have ordered hundreds of thousands killed over the last several decades. Everywhere else in the world we challenge governments that allow the killing of their people. We right what's wrong! Why would we standby and watch our neighbor to the South self destruct when we have the ability to right the wrong?

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Today on The Carlos Galindo Show: Chris Mathews shows his true colors on Immigration

A friend of mine on Facebook shared a link of Chris Matthews, the popular MSNBC host of "Hardball with Chris Matthews" trashing President Obama on Immigration reform. Let's get something straight, Matthews is normally an Obama apologist. I say that as an Obama fan, mind you. I mean, to see Chris Matthews do a 180 degree on Obama was somewhat of a shocker for most people, especially when he still has the brown ring around his nose from being so far up Obama's ass. Didn't surprise me one bit considering the issue that Matthews was referring to in his temporary moment of social insanity in which he declares Immigrants whiners who have no rights and should not be taken into consideration. It's the employer argues Matthews, I agree, it is the employer that's the issue here. But every employer sanction law I've seen is weak and toothless and difficult to prosecute. The bleeding heart liberal Obama supporter has just shown his true colors when it comes to Immigration. Mathews rants about Obama doing Immigration his way! Matthews looks genuinely perturbed! I can just imagine what he was thinking as he spewed out a milder version of what I'm sure he was thinking. We heard what he said, and you can observe it here for yourself, but what Matthews was really thinking was, "Obama is about to allow millions of illegals to integrate themselves into the American system destroying the way of life as I know it." 

Matthews is from the old school. Minorities knew their place, and if you granted rights to minorities, it would be first blacks, then women and then gays. Mexicans and the lot do not rate as individuals with rights, human or otherwise according to Matthews. In Matthews White Catholic affluent life, undocumented Immigrants are the "help," and Matthews just can't see them any other way.

By the way, the reason I was not at all surprised at Matthews' rant on Immigration is because I knew good and well that he thinks like his buddy Pat Buchanan, who on Matthews' show in 2007 invoked Operation Wetback as a viable solution to remove all the "illegals." Matthews stood by with an approving smirk as Buchanan invoked a painful time in history in which Mexicans were not only denigrated, but many Americans of Mexican descent were removed illegally from the United States.

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Ninth Circuit Court: Undocumented Immigrants Charged with felonies can have bond

A decision that favors undocumented Immigrants charged with a felony and held without bond has just been handed down from the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit Court.

The idea of holding someone presumed to have committed a crime without bail based on their legal status in this country is absurd. Traditionally the measure utilized is that which determines if the individual is a flight risk or not. In the case of an individual with a job and family ties in the U.S., especially U.S. born children or a U.S. Citizen wife, the wiser decision and the appropriate one would be to release the individual on bond, or a monitoring device if the judicial officer feels there is a degree of flight risk.

Prop. 100 was sold to voters as denying bond to illegal immigrants who had committed serious crimes. It passed in November 2006 with 78 percent of the vote.

The Legislature then went on to define serious crimes as Class 1, 2, 3 and 4 felonies.

Those include murder and rape, but also many non-dangerous crimes such as forgery with intent to commit fraud, conspiracy to commit human smuggling, and identity theft. In other words, it included the non-violent crimes that are most often brought against illegal immigrants.

In proposing the law, the Legislature reasoned that illegal immigrants were likely to flee before going to trial. Most, however, are not brought to trial for those crimes, but rather are allowed to plead guilty to lesser felonies and then removed from the country.
— http://www.azcentral.com/news/politics/articles/20140102arizona-us-ninth-circuit-will-revisit-migrant-bail.html

The following is a quote from the majority on their ruling today:

The plaintiffs contend that the Proposition 100 laws violate substantive due process. We agree.
— http://cdn.ca9.uscourts.gov/datastore/opinions/2014/10/15/11-16487.pdf