Republican Congressman is not worried about millions of sick Americans

“You’re punishing these people,” Rogers told NBC host David Gregory. “Here’s the problem, you have 15 percent of the population that didn’t have health insurance when this started, roughly — and we think that number was high, we think it was closer to 10. So what they’ve done is disrupted it for the 85 percent that had health care. And their costs are going up significantly.”

”So we’ve broken the system to help a few,” he insisted. “Nobody would fix a problem that way.”

Well it appears that the Republicans are the gift that keeps on giving. What part of watch what you say or just keep your pie hole shut don't they understand? Is it that they are so accustomed to treating Americans, their constituents included, in an insolent manner? Therefore, they've developed this behavior as the norm? 

Take a listen at how Congressman Mike Rogers (R-MI) discounts 48 million Americans as not worthy of having health insurance. In fact Rogers in typical Republican fashion the gentleman from Wisconsin goes so far as to paint those without health coverage as the game spoilers, the cry babies, essentially those that should keep THEIR mouths shut.