Koch Brothers Funded Libre Initiative's Dan Garza joins Carlos Galindo for a healthy debate on the issues

This was an interesting program in the sense that I expected to query Mr. Garza regarding false statistics he has been utilizing to convince the Spanish speaking community to join his financier's conservative movement. I would have said, "Mr. Garza's conservative movement," but he is but a puppet in this global scenario in which the wealthy corporations seek to establish a modernized slave labor system often referred to as a "Guest Worker Program."

I admire Mr. Garza's willingness to take a shot at spreading his misinformation via my Bilingual (English/Spanish) political talk show. I imagine he either didn't do his homework, or was so used to being given a pass by Spanish Language media types or pundits, that he felt this was a cakewalk. Mr. Garza became so irate at my direct line of querying, that he threatened to leave the program if I didn't stop. When I continued challenging, not only his rhetoric but the false statistics he had been using as talking points on every other Spanish Language radio and television program, he referred to me as amateur conducting an amateurish interview. Go figure, Mr. Garza's agent contacted me to be on my program. For the longest time I resisted, they begged and groveled, and I finally conceded, only to find that I not only am I "The Best Pain in the ass for local politicians" as New Times Phoenix awarded me, but, after today's interview, it's apparent I'm also the the "Koch Brother's Operative" slayer!

Take a listen to the show. Remember, it's in a bilingual format.


Carlos Galindo

Koch Brothers money trail to The Libre Initiative